Welcome to Oriental Fitinz, the home of sensually designed and tailored oriental outfits for the young and old, the conservative and the liberal, the societal-conscious and the down-to-earth. Flamboyant and yet, with a humble touch of “under-statement”, customized to feel like a second skin!

Outfits created to assimilate with their immediate environment and ensure “visibility” and create “awareness”…

Our website is aimed at presenting you a vast and never-ending line-up of the best tailored, most sensual, breath-taking, flamboyant and yet conservative, corporate and yet tradition-conscious living Oriental Fashion, thereby addressing Ladies and Gentlemen that “wear their emotions” with pride, knowing exactly what they want while not being hesitant to make a “statement”!

My inspiration? The love for “easy-to-wear” and “impossible-to-oversee” fashion with that very important african touch!

Glad you’re here…

Nneka 🙂